Sunday, April 10, 2016

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4for4 Football is one of the top redraft league sites out there, with the best rankers in the world, an awesome articles throughout the year
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Currently 2 4for4 Football MFL10 tools to use, with more coming!
ADP View - Updates nightly, shows lastest 2 weeks ADP and 2 & 4 week change
Draft Planner - Plan out the odds of who will be there for your next pick

DRAFTS I am running
JUMBO #MFL10 style drafts. 30 Roster spots, 2 extra flex starting spots $15 entry fee
Signup's here -

AUCTION #MFL10 style, regular 20 roster spots. 24 hour timers, 3 nominations per team per day.
Takes about 7-8 days to complete  $25 entry fee
Signup's here -

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Different types of Bestball Draft-Only Leagues

Draft-Only Bestball Leagues (MFL10 style)

I am running a few different types of draft-only leagues throughout the off-season

JUMBO league - 30 roster spots, 2 extra flex spots!!!
Sign-up here - $15 entry fee -
Pick the starting dates you are interested in

AUCTION league - regular rules of an MFL10 for scoring and roster construction but auction!
24 hour bid timers when highest bid changes on a player
Takes 7-9 days and only need to login once a day at a minimum
Sign-up here - $25 entry fee -

Make sure you signup for 4for4 Football site, amazing site for rankings and all redraft and DFS info!!!!

More types to come during the off-season! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Playoff Bestball League

Just a few days to sign up, just $10

Check it out!  10 team bestball playoff league

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Results and 2016 Tool

For full transparency, below is how I finished in my MFL10's 

13 first place finishes and 7 2nd place finishes out of 72 drafts

Out of the top 30 players, I had the 3rd highest ROI at 90%
$720 cost, winning $1,370 with a total profit of $650

*Note, leagues 15953, 32558, 27120, 34768, 18148, 38389  were not my leagues (given as gifts and other)
**Also note that the dashboard shows my 10 roster management leagues I did as well

I plan on making and selling the excel file that I made for 2015 in 2016.

It may take a week or two after the the start of MFL10's but I will get data out ASAP, even as crazy as it will be in the first month or two.

So stay tuned!

Please feel free to tweet me any suggestions you may have for it @MikeMarFF 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Auction Bestball Leagues

I am now running Auction Bestball leagues

They are just like MFL10's but instead of drafting, you do an auction!!!!

Info here, and you can signup for them

Offering $25/$50/$100 levels

Auction Values of Completed Auctions

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick MFL10 ADP File Overview and How to Purchase

A very brief overview of the file and how it can help you win Draft Only Leagues!

I compile Average Draft Position data from completed (and ongoing) MFL10 drafts and input them into my file
The MAIN benefit of the file is being able to copy your draft in and very very easily see who is available for your pick.
This allows you to grab guys a round (or rounds) later than their ADP

After your draft is complete, you can import your team to track player shares, how early and late you drafted some players, and how they compare to the current ADP

A link to the description of how to use the tool with screenshots -

In May chance to win a free MFL10 Entry by being a new customer and/or referring a friend! -

The two very simple ways to purchase

Monday, May 4, 2015